Services and Policies 

Full Face Makeup Application

This application includes skin consultation and prep, brow sculpting, lashes and any additional items specified for the desired look. (45-60 minutes)



One on One Makeup Lesson

2 1/2 hours of hands-on step by step guidance on what and how to apply based on the client’s specific skin type and desired look. Products for application are provided. *Please use the ‘Contact’ page to inquire about lessons that require more time.*



A consultation is not a required service in order to book other services. It is, however, available if a client wishes to have a trial session before a special event such as a wedding. This service allows between 90 up to 120 minutes for discussion, application and potential changes to a look before that big event!


Bridal/Wedding Makeup Application

Carefully tailored prep and application for the big day! This service includes traditional engagements.




Artist: Accepts payment of and renders service. Client: Provides payment for and/or receives service.

Please read the following information carefully. Upon clicking the “Pay with PayPal” button, you will be prompted for payment! Before making your payment, please ensure you have confirmed the availability of the desired booking with FacedByFanci via email and have retained a copy for your records. By confirming a payment you agree to the policies and guidelines below. Availability inquiries may be submitted via the contact form on the ‘Contact’ page. Payments placed for unavailable appointment times will be refunded (return time at the discretion of banking institution). All service prices listed are based on clients travel to the artist. If a client wishes to have artist travel, additional roundtrip mileage will be assessed. Mileage is based on the 2020 Standard Mileage Rate (57.5 cents per mile for business miles driven).

Policies and Guidelines for Rescheduling and Cancellation:

All appointments are made based on an agreement on the availability of the client and artist. Both client and artist must remain respectful of each other’s time and present for scheduled appointments at the agreed date and time. Late arrivals may cut into other appointments and scheduling for the day. If a client is unable to make an appointment and would like to reschedule for another available date and time, the client must notify FacedByFancí via email at least 24 hours before the scheduled appointment time. The artist will make accommodations accordingly upon receipt of the client’s email. Rescheduled appointments within the specified time are not subject to any service fees. Rescheduled appointment notifications under 24 hours are subject to a 10% service fee according to service type.

If a client is unable to make an appointment and would like to completely cancel that appointment, the client must notify FacedByFancí via email at least 72 hours (three days) before the scheduled appointment time. A full refund will be processed immediately upon receipt of the cancellation email (return duration at the discretion of the client’s financial institution). If a client fails to provide an email cancellation within the specified time, the client has the option to reschedule with 24-hour notice for an available appointment date and time. If a client fails to provide email cancellation or reschedule within the specified time, the client will be subject to a service fee percentage of the service as shown below.

Cancellation 48 hours before appointment: 25% of service fee (75% refunded).
Cancellation 24 hours before appointment: 50% of service fee (50% refunded).
Cancellation under 24 hours before the appointment and no-cancellation-no-show appointments are strictly non-refundable.

If artist, due to extenuating circumstances is unable to present for an appointment and must reschedule or cancel, artist will give notice within 48 hours and full service fee will be refunded immediately with an option to reschedule another date and time suitable for the client and/or provide accommodations with another artist to meet client’s needs.

Artist reserves the right to review and determine service charges on a case by case basis.