What’s new? Francisca here–let’s get personal! This page will feature updates on makeup, what’s trending, inspiration and LIFE! At times social media can distance us more than it connects us. So, I would like to use this page to connect with anyone visiting and interested in a light read! Feel free to engage, leave comments, just read and/or share any posts to other social sites! Stay Fancí, inside and out!

Where have you been, girl?! I know, I know…So, for those who have followed FacedByFancí, either as a client, supporter or otherwise, you’ve noticed (and many of you have let me know) that I have been MIA. I haven’t posted much makeup related material to my social media sites, and have not been taking appointments as I did before.

So here it is: I got married June 10th, 2017 to my fine husband 🙂 I had been planning a wedding (within eight months of our engagement), working full time for the state of Minnesota and also taking clients for makeup, on top of all the in-between things we deal with in life! After the wedding, the plan was to join my husband in Chicago where he had been working for about two years. HOWEVER, a couple of months before the wedding, my husband got an opportunity to change his line of work in favor of something he had wanted to do for a long time! So, of course, it was a no brainer that he should go for it–but the plot thickens! This new career change would involve moving…to Florida! I’ve lived in the cold almost my entire life–so I was in no objection to this whatsoever. My husband-to-be however, was adamant that I was comfortable with the move since it would affect my career, specifically my artistry. I assured him it would be no problem at all–who doesn’t want to move to Florida with their new husband and start an amazing new life?! So, instead of making preparations to be a new Chicago resident, I shifted all job applications and plans to Florida… all while doing all of the things I mentioned earlier. By the grace of God things went smoothly! I told myself and God that I wanted to have multiple interviews lined up before our wedding. He made it happened. Then I said I wanted to have four offers from employers before our wedding, that happened too. Only days after getting married I accepted an offer and we were off to Florida!

Understandably, after all the planning, applying, and wedding craziness I was MORE than okay with a break! It was a break, a fresh start, time of reflection and calm… or so I thought. I didn’t realize that this move would show me some things I did and did not know about myself. Many people don’t know but I am the best fake extrovert ever! I looked it up–turns out I’m an ambivert: am·bi·vert; ˈambəˌvərt/ noun: a person whose personality has a balance of extrovert and introvert features. So I can be super out there if the situation presents that I must, but really, honestly, truly, I would rather not. It’s weird. I can give a presentation in front of a thousand people at a seminar–no problem. But come networking time before the breakout session, I’m that person in the corner pretending to be on my phone so I don’t have to engage. BUT, if someone does approach me, I am more than happy to accommodate a friendly conversation. Make sense? I am still trying to understand it myself. One of many self diagnoses I’ve added to my list.

I digress. When on the way to Florida I was going with the expectation that things would pick up right where they left off for my artistry–change a few social media handles, announce, “I’m here Florida, take me!” and all would be well. My artistry in MN was heavily based on referral since it started with family and friends telling everyone they knew that I was an artist. That was not the case. I realized I had to actually put myself out there, forcibly. The thought of that was not the most delicious. So I decided to extend and enjoy my “break”. This turned into laziness, doubt, and a lack of inspiration and motivation to do something I really love! Through this entire time I had all of my loved ones asking, encouraging and pushing that I get back to it. But I had this internal fight that really told me to just give it up. There was too much going on: a new husband, city, home, career, you’ll have to promote, everyone’s already doing it, everything’s the same on social media, you have to get all new products, what if you just aren’t good anymore! Accountability check. That right there people, is called excuses. I had tons of them and kept making them; to myself, my family and to my friends.

I can’t really say exactly what it was, but that excitement and eagerness to create just crept back up– like, I couldn’t sleep unless I stalked my favorite artists’ page for inspiration (later realized, that’s God saying I didn’t give you this talent to sit on it, baby girl). I am so happy to say that I am back and I’m better. I am so excited to create, so excited to learn, so excited to take my artistry to the next level and glad that you’re here for the ride!

That was A LOT, I know! So I say all of that to say this. It is okay to lose your way, inspiration, mojo–whatever juice that keeps you going. It happens. It is more than okay to take a break (reasonable breaks are good). Just make sure you get back to doing what you love and for the right reasons! Oh, and listen to the people who care about and motivate you–they’re your unwavering rocks who are ever ready to cheer you on!

I hope to post again soon! In the meantime–keep pushing, pursuing, and stay Fancí, inside and out! 🙂